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Souvenirs - Novatech 2013

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Photos of Novatech 2013

Hall postersAn overview of the friendly moments of the Novatech 2013 conference!

1 - Overview of the conference (workshops included)

2 - Photos of presenters (by alphabetical order)

3 - Gala dinner

4 - Technical tours and urban bike ride

Picto Novatech

Webcast videos of the conference opening session

Videos of the Novatech opening session are available for streaming:

* The opening (in French only) with:

- Jean Paul Colin, Urban Community of Lyon, Vice-president in charge of water policy, France
- Alain Chabrolle, Rhone-Alps Regional Council Vice-president for health and the environment, France
- Martin Guespereau, General Director of the Rhone-Mediterranean Corsica Water Agency, France


* Presentation by Ger Bergkamp, IWA, UK - "Cities of the Future" programme

IWA - International Water Association - is a network of 10,000 water professionals spanning the continuum between research and practice covering all facets of the water cycle. The IWA launched the "Cities of the Future" programme in 2009.

Ger Bergkamp

* Presentation by Dieter Grau, Atelier Dreiseitl, Germany - Taking into account water in the city

Atelier Dreiseitl has more than 30 years of experience in pilot projects worldwide which work with water and urban landscapes. Dieter Grau, a landscape architect, has led projects of different size and scope, seeing urban water as a way to achieve social and ecological regeneration in cities.

Dieter Grau

* Novatech introduction and announcement of partner events

- Jean-Luc Bertrand-Krajewski, Professor at the INSA Lyon, France
- Tim D. Fletcher, Professor at the University of Melbourne, Australia
Chairmen of the Novatech 2013 Scientific Committee

Novatech introduction