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Specialised workshops

Sunday 23 June, 8.30am-5pm - INSA of Lyon, Villeurbanne

Workshops are organised by international working groups of the IWA/IAHR joint committee on urban drainage. They are based on a few chosen presentations of international experts. They aim to offer longer and more informal exchange times than during the Novatech conferences and to specify necessary research orientations to better meet the needs of practitioners for sustainable urban water management.
The official language is English (simultaneous translation will not be provided during workshops).

4 workshops are proposed in 2013:

Impacts of climate change on rainfall extremes and urban drainage systems

Organised by the JCUD International Working Group on Urban Rainfall (IGUR)
Download the detailed programme (PDF)

A state-of-the-art overview will be presented of existing methodologies and relevant results related to the assessment of the climate change impacts on urban rainfall extremes as well as on urban hydrology and hydraulics. Demo’s and access to training material will be provided. The state-of-the-art overview also focuses on several difficulties and limitations regarding the current methods and discusses various issues and challenges facing the research community as well as practitioners in dealing with the climate change impact assessment and adaptation for urban drainage infrastructure design and management.

W2 - 8th International Workshop on Real Time Control of Sewer Systems

Organised by the IWA/IAHR Joint Committee on Urban Drainage (JCUD) Work Group on Real Time Control of Urban Drainage Systems
Download the detailed programme (PDF)

Real Time Control (RTC) of Urban Drainage System (UDS) is an innovative approach for combined sewer overflow reduction and flood control that combines and applies the advances in hydraulic modeling as well as technical advances in monitoring, rainfall forecasts, computer technology, telecommunication, instrumentation and automated control. The workshop is aimed to foster fundamental and applied research on urban drainage, taking into account meteorological, hydrological, hydraulic, water-quality and socio-economic aspects, and promote innovative approaches to urban drainage.

W3 - Source control and stormwater harvesting; multi-criteria analysis techniques and catchment-scale modelling approaches

Organised by SOCOMA and the Stormwater Harvesting Group (SWH)
Download the detailed programme (PDF)

Control of stormwater at the source is a principle of increasing interest, both in urban and peri-urban environments. It involves the implementation at a range of scales of stormwater management systems, including stormwater harvesting, with the consequence that stormwater management is not much more multi-functional and decentralised than previously. Whilst the management of stormwater at a decentralised, local scale provides a number of advantages, generalising such techniques is less straightforward. The workshop will comprise two parts: one focussed on catchment-scale modelling and another focusing on multi-critieria assessment of source control systems and its use in their design and operation. The workshop will be built around a number of technical presentations and case-studies, and most important provide plenty of opportunity for interactive discussions.

W4 - Why don't our models work?

Organised by the Data and Model Working Group of the JCUD
Download the detailed programme (PDF)

The intent of this workshop is to explore the reasons why our urban drainage models often produce poor results (including, but not limited to, our lumped and conceptual water quality models). We are inviting urban drainage modellers to come to this workshop and present what they consider the single most significant factor for “Why don’t our models work?”. Examples could be: model structure, model implementation (including spatial discretisation), input data issues, calibration data issues, etc.

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