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Conference overview   Plenary conferences   Gala dinner   Technical and cycle tours

Photo credits: Christian Morel Photographer, INSA Lyon, GRAIE

Picto Novatech

Interviews of the Novatech 2016 keynote speakers - videos

* Interview Pr. Rob Skinner - "Water-wise" cities
Rob SkinnerProfessor Rob Skinner is Director of Monash University’s “water for liveable cities” centre, chair of WaterAid Australia, and also Deputy Chair of the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities. He chairs the IWA’s 'Cities of the future' Working Group. He also has held leading positions for metropolitan Melbourne. During the Novatech 2016 opening plenary, Professor Skinner talked about the critical role that water plays in delivering resilient and liveable cities, and how Integrated Water Management (IWM) provides a platform for the integration of urban planning and water systems planning. He aimed at illustrating how there is no on-size-fits-all approach to developing optimum solutions.

Sylvie Barraud* Interview Sylvie Barraud - Pour une gestion alternative des eaux pluviales - in French only
Professor of urban hydrology at INSA Lyon, France, Sylvie Barraud explains that integrated stormwater management is the subject of many experiments, and gives the example of the EcoCampus LyonTech-la Doua.

Stéphane Llorca* Interview Stéphane Llorca - Urban water and fountains - in French only
Fountain designer, Stéphane Llorca is also the director of JML, a practice specializing in Water Feature Design. The team is responsive, creative and offers high quality engineering design. To date JML has created over 400 hundred Water Features around the world, and some emblematic projects such as Bordeaux’s “water mirror” in France. What synergy can we find between contemporary urban fountains and stormwater management?

* Interview Paola Vigano - For new links between water and urban planning - in French only
Paola ViganoPaola Vigano, is an Italian architect and urbanist, who was awarded the Grand Prix de l’Urbanisme in France in 2013. She is co-founder of the Studio 09 agency with Bernardo Secchi, who coordinated the overall development plans of many European cities, she is also professor of urban theory and urban design at Venice and Lausanne. During the Novatech 2016 opening plenary, Paola presented the general concept of «porous cities», which emerged as a result of the reflection on the «Grand Paris» and the metropolis of the after-Kyoto, opening perspectives for tomorrow’s cities where stormwater management is incorporated.