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Tuesday 28 June

09:30-12:30 - see the programme


A1 - BMPs: Perceptions & solutions (1) - Tuesday 14:00-15:30
Session chaired by Sylvie Barraud, INSA Lyon, France - Jérémie Bonneau, University of Melbourne, Australia
  List of authors Country Title Room
PDF Bratieres K., Jadraque C. AUSTRALIA Integrated Urban Water Management – Where to for capacity building? A
PDF Bruzzone S., de Gouvello B., Deroubaix J.-F. FRANCE Management practices for the control of micropollutants found in road runoff: from the “invention” of technical solutions to the “design” of innovative practices A
PDF Comby E., Cottet M., Rivière-Honegger A., Cossais N., Barraud S., Becouze-Lareure C., Mandon C. FRANCE Micropollutants in stormwater: how do stakeholders address this issue? A
PDF Charlesworth S., Mezue M., Maclellan M., Warwick F., Bennett J. UNITED KINGDOM The potential for Water Sensitivity, sustainable drainage and adaptive management in West Africa using Lagos, Nigeria, as a case study A
A2 - Project management - Tuesday 16:30-18:00
Session chaired by Rafaela Matos, Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil, Portugal - Alexandre Nezeys, Mairie de Paris, France
PDF Cossais N., Sibeud E., Floriat M. FRANCE The "Pervious City" project: life cycle assessment of public stormwater management facilities. Métropole de Lyon A
PDF Hoppe H., Brenne F., Deister L., Stokman A., Massing C. GERMANY Flood risk mitigation and urban development - formulation and demonstration of integrated approaches A
PDF Maytraud T., Nicolas E., Monnier M. FRANCE Urban planning and rainwater management: a SuDS expert interacting with the various actors A
PDF Ljung S., Goldkuhl L., Viklander M. SWEDEN Towards improved actor collaboration for better urban stormwater management A

B1 - Vegetation roofs (1) - Tuesday 14:00-15:30
Session chaired by Virginia Stovin, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom - David Ramier, CEREMA, France
  List of authors Country Title Room
PDF Perez Murillo G., Ferrans Ramírez P., Rey Guerra C., Diaz-Granados Ortiz M., Rodríguez Sánchez J., Correal Núñez M. COLOMBIA Assessment of Runoff Quantity And Quality For Extensive Green Roof Modular Systems B
PDF Magnusson A., Viklander M., Blecken G.-T. SWEDEN Green Roof performance in sub-arctic climates: water quality and vegetation survival on a green roof in northern Sweden B
PDF Lecerf A., Stovin V. UNITED KINGDOM Relationship between a detention model parameter and a standardised coefficient of discharge for green roofs B
PDF Principato F., Carbone M., Piro P. ITALY Modeling Stormwater Runoff from extensive green roof using the Conceptual Model “SIGMA DRAIN” B
B2 - Vegetation roofs (2) - Tuesday 16:30-18:00
Session chaired by Virginia Stovin, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom - David Ramier, CEREMA, France
PDF De-Ville S., Menon M., Jia X., Stovin V. UNITED KINGDOM Using X-Ray Microtomography to explain observed detention characteristics of green roofs B
PDF Szota C., Farrell C., Williams N., Fletcher T.D. AUSTRALIA A practical tool for designing vegetated roofs to optimise rainfall retention B
PDF Jahanfar A., Drake J., Sleep B., Margolis L. CANADA Shading Effects of Photovolatic Panels on the Evapotranspiration Process in Extensive Green Roofs B
PDF Arias L., Grimard J.-C., Bertrand-Krajewski J.-L. FRANCE First results of hydrological performances of three different green roofs B

C1 - Sediments - pollution - Tuesday 14:00-15:30
Session chaired by Fabienne Favre Boivin, Haute Ecole d'ingénierie et d'architecture de Fribourg, Switzerland - Fumiyuki Nakajima, University of Tokyo, Japan
  List of authors Country Title Room
PDF Glaister B., Vietz G. AUSTRALIA Sediments in stormwater and streams: Investigating industry and academic insights and opportunities for future research C
PDF Becouze-Lareure C., Wiest L., Barraud S., Lipeme Kouyi G. FRANCE Accumulated sediments in a retention/detention basin: What about the contamination in terms of emerging pollutants? C
PDF Monrabal-Martinez C., Muthanna T., Meyn T. NORWAY Seasonal variation in pollutant concentrations and particle size distribution in urban stormwater - design implications for BMPs C
PDF Brar P., Drake J., Braun S. CANADA Catch Basin Shield: Improving sediment retention of conventional catch basins C
C2 - Sediments pollution & use - Tuesday 16:30-18:00
Session chaired by Fabienne Favre Boivin, Haute Ecole d'ingénierie et d'architecture de Fribourg, Switzerland - Fumiyuki Nakajima, University of Tokyo, Japan
PDF Bernardin C., Blaha D., Barraud S., Cournoyer B. FRANCE Spatio-temporal distribution of pathogens in detention basin according to the chemical contamination of the sediment C
PDF Ng K.T., Hatt B., Farrelly M., McCarthy D. AUSTRALIA Investigating the potential of vegetable cultivation in biofilters C
PDF Cárdenas Ballén J.F., Peña Guzmán C., Torres Abello A., Pérez Pulido A. COLOMBIA Sediments settled in stormwater sewer systems: assessment of possible uses through quality analysis C
PDF Drapeau C., Lassabatère L., Blanc D., Delolme C. FRANCE Innovative method for the assessment of copper leaching in urban stormwater sediments C

D1 - BMPs: Design processes - Tuesday 14:00-15:30
Session chaired by Muriel Floriat, Safege Suez, France - Günter Leonhardt, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
  List of authors Country Title Room
PDF Rosa A., Macedo M., Souza V., Mendiondo E. BRAZIL Validating new insights for sizing of stormwater treatment practices by comparing a design model to HEC-HMS D
PDF Rivard G. CANADA Design storms and parameters for water quality control of urban runoff D
PDF Sage J., Berthier E., Gromaire M.-C. FRANCE Towards the production of guidelines to support the design of stormwater management practices for on-site pollution control D
PDF Fabritius Tengnagel M. DENMARK Changing best practise methods in climate adaptation project design and implementation in urban areas D
D2 - Models - BMP & system - Tuesday 16:30-18:00
Session chaired by Muriel Floriat, Safege Suez, France - Günter Leonhardt, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
PDF Kleidorfer M., Mikovits C., Jasper-Tönnies A., Huttenlau M., Einfalt T., Schöpf M., Kinzel H., Rauch W. AUSTRIA Impact of urban development and climate change on urban drainage systems D
PDF Vitek R., Memon F.A. CZECH REPUBLIC Model-based evaluation of stormwater management alternatives for a new development D
PDF Barbedo J., Britto A.L., Miguez M.G. BRAZIL Urban Flood Mitigation as a Socioecological Function of The City: towards an integrated approach to Land and Water Governance D
PDF Maier R., Hofer T., Muschalla D., Gruber G. AUSTRIA A case study for integrated modeling in urban drainage facilitating the interface approach D


  List of authors Country Title Theme
PDF Verstraten L., Alexander M., Rimmington B., Lucke T. AUSTRALIA Using performance-based design to improve understanding and enhance design options for box gutters and downpipes in large buildings p-B1
PDF Grosbellet C., Darnis M., Sindt L., Swistek P.-A. FRANCE Measurements methods of the water capacity and the permeability of extensive greenroofs growing media p-B1
PDF Principato F., Garofalo G., Piro P. ITALY Hydrologic performance of an extensive green roof under different climate conditions p-B1
PDF Johannessen B.G., Muthanna T. NORWAY Hydraulic performance of extensive green roofs in cold climate p-B1
PDF Versini P.-A., Tchiguirinskaia I., Schertzer D., Dubois P. FRANCE Monitoring and distributed modelling of the Green Wave of the Descartes Campus: first results p-B1
PDF McLaughlin A.-M., Charlesworth S., Coupe S., de Miguel E. UNITED KINGDOM Resilience and sustainable drainage: end-of-life p-C2
PDF Lipeme Kouyi G., Marti R., Toussaint J.-Y., Perrodin Y., Aubin J.-B., Becouze-Lareure C., Wiest L., Barraud S., Vareilles S., Gleizal A., Gonzalez-Merchan C., Cournoyer B. FRANCE Interdisciplinary approach to better characterize sediments in dry detention basins - the French Cabrres programme p-C2
PDF Gilau R. SOUTH AFRICA Reducing the Impact Land Use Changes have on Sediment and Phosphorus Loadings to Urban Impoundments – A Case Study p-C2
PDF Fukuoka T., Kato S. JAPAN Green Infrastructure Implementation Case Study in Asia Monsoon Climate- In case of ABC Water Design Guideline in Singapore with Sustainable Stormwater Management Concept p-D1
PDF Jefferys J., Sample Z., Lhomme J., Granja J. UNITED KINGDOM Quantifying the effectiveness of LID approaches for stormwater flows and water quality control p-D1
PDF Larm T., Alm H. SWEDEN Design criteria for local stormwater facilities to meet pollution and flow requirements p-D1
PDF Jefferys J., Sample Z., Lhomme J., Granja J. UNITED KINGDOM Overcoming Design Waste with Clear Visualization of Green Infrastructure Design p-D1
PDF Andersen J.S., Lerer S., Sørup H., Backhaus A., Jensen M. DENMARK Characteristic Rain Events – A tool to enhance amenity values in SUDS-design p-D1
PDF Palla A., Gnecco I. ITALY Assessing the urban catchment hydrologic response under different environmental scenarios p-D2
PDF Franck-Néel C., Dicanot A., Goutaland D., Le Nouveau N., Winiarski T. FRANCE Can systemic modeling help the adaptation of urban stormwater systems to climate change? p-D2
PDF Isenmann G., Dufresne M., Vazquez J., Mosé R., Fischer M., Trautmann M., François P., Fagot C., Boisson J., Humbel X. FRANCE Evaluation of settling devices efficiency for runoff water SS management: Flushing / Decantation
PDF Viau J.-Y., Poirier C., Benesch A., Lambiel C., Vouillamoz C. FRANCE Enhanced solids removal after upgrade of concrete tank to lamella SS management: Flushing / Decantation
PDF Weiss G. GERMANY Lamella settlers for treatment of urban storm runoff: Experience with model and prototype tests SS management: Flushing / Decantation
PDF Tondera K., Klaer K., Roder S., Brueckner I., Pinnekamp J. GERMANY Improving the Microbiological Quality of Surface Waters in a River Basin in a Densely Populated Area: Scenarios of Costs and Effects Technical perspectives & treatment
PDF Pons M.-N., Sadio A.B., Ouedraogo J.S.K., Rabiou K.C., Suaire R. FRANCE Rainwater harvesting structure made of used tires: possible release of dissolved organic carbon and metals Technical perspectives & treatment
PDF Despotovic J., Jacimovic N., Plavsic J., Stanic M., Djukic A., Todorovic A., Biondi S., Sambo F. SERBIA Bridge deck runoff control trough drainage, treatment and irrigation system: The case study of the bridge Ostruznica over the Sava river Technical perspectives & treatment

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Wednesday 29 June

Room C, 13:45-14:20 - Twenty years of SUDS effort in the U.K.: aspirations, realities and where next?

17:45-18:30 - see the programme


A3 - Urban retrofit - Wednesday 08:30-10:00
Session chaired by Danielle Dagenais, Université de Montréal, Canada - Philippe Mary, Agence d'Urbanisme de l'Aire Métropolitaine Lyonnaise, France
  List of authors Country Title Room
PDF Jalbert E., Chabod Y., Tranchant R., Luppé T., Martin N., Sabatier C. FRANCE Saint Martin d'Hères, Lucie Aubrac Place, an archipelago of rain gardens A
PDF Moncond'huy V., Limousin C., Benard M., Carrière M. FRANCE Mureaux city: integrated stormwater management supporting a large-scale and high-quality urban renewal plan A
PDF Maytraud T., Nicolas E., Casy F., Lainel J.-P., Derieux S., Bonis F., Lehoucq C. FRANCE Rainwater management in existing urban areas: urban renewal A
PDF Boudet C., Laporte L., Walckenaer M., Linglart M., Porteneuve C., Mariolle B. FRANCE Rainwater management in the Urban Development Zone Montjoie in Saint-Denis, France A
A4 - Urban design & strategy - Wednesday 11:00-12:30
Session chaired by Danielle Dagenais, Université de Montréal, Canada - Philippe Mary, Agence d'Urbanisme de l'Aire Métropolitaine Lyonnaise, France
PDF Nezeys A., Reboul S., Saison O., Baillet M. FRANCE The rainwater master plan for Paris: a necessary environmental issue A
PDF de Oliveira Nascimento N., Vinçon-Leite B., de Gouvello B., Gutierrez L., Granceri M., Silva T., Costa H. BRAZIL Green blue infrastructure at metropolitan scale: a water sustainability approach in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte, Brazil A
PDF Maytraud T., Monnier M., Marie F., Chanal E. FRANCE The “Petit Rosne” from Sarcelles to Arnouville: rainwater management as a tool for urban planning at the scale of a valley A
PDF Jiménez S.L., Martínez J., Muñoz A., Quijano J., Diaz-Granados M., Camacho L., Rodríguez J., Maestre A., Pitt R. COLOMBIA Development of a multiscale methodology for sustainable urban drainage systems planning. Case study: Bogotá, Colombia A
A5 - BMPs: Perceptions & solutions (2) - Wednesday 14:00-15:30
Session chaired by Sylvie Barraud, INSA Lyon, France - Jérémie Bonneau, University of Melbourne, Australia
PDF Raasch U., Heiser T., Spengler B. GERMANY Water management as a driver for urban and landscape development A
PDF Boudet C., Principaud A., Maytraud T. FRANCE Open air rainwater management in Plaine Commune, feedback and studies about maintenance issues A
PDF Nickel D., Rouault P., Reichmann B., Rehfeld-Klein M., Heinzmann B., Joswig K., Strehl C., Hein A., Matzinger A. GERMANY Improving Decision-Making in Urban Stormwater Management – Strategy and stakeholder process A
PDF Macdonald D., Walker C., Lucke T., Flipp R., Covey K., Shadforth P. AUSTRALIA Floating wetland treatment systems in residential development: assessing the benefits for residents, local authorities, and developers A
A6 - Decision support systems - Wednesday 16:00-17:30
Session chaired by Rafaela Matos, Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil, Portugal - Alexandre Nezeys, Mairie de Paris, France
PDF Torres M.N., Rodríguez Sánchez J., Leitão J.P., de Oliveira Nascimento N., Granceri M. COLOMBIA Decision support tools for sustainable urban drainage systems: a systematic quantitative review A
PDF Werey C., Cherqui F., Le Nouveau N., Rodriguez F., Sibeud E., Joannis C., Barraud S. FRANCE Asset management of Best Management Practices: a new story for urban stormwater management A
  Brudler S., Arnbjerg-Nielsen K., Rygaard M. DENMARK Accounting for multiple functions in environmental life cycle assessment of storm water management solutions A
PDF Sørup H., Brudler S., Lerer S., Miraglia S., Georgiadis S., Dong Y., Arnbjerg-Nielsen K. DENMARK Sustainable flood risk management – What is sustainable? A

B3 - Porous pavements & other innovations - Wednesday 08:30-10:00
Session chaired by Pascale Rouault, KompetenzZentrum Wasser Berlin, Germany - Christian Szota, University of Melbourne, Australia
PDF Winston R., Al-Rubaei A., Blecken G.-T., Hunt W. SWEDEN Maintenance for Preservation and Recovery of Permeable Pavement Hydraulics: Effects of Vacuum Cleaning, High Pressure Washing, Street Sweeping, and Milling B
PDF Lucke T. AUSTRALIA How reliable are Laboratory-based PICP Clogging Results? B
PDF Charlesworth S., Faraj-Lloyd A., Coupe S. UNITED KINGDOM Combining Sustainable Drainage to manage stormwater with renewable heat from the ground; monitoring of the Hanson Ecohouse, Watford, UK B
PDF Li J. CANADA A Stormwater Exfiltration System for an Urban Residential Development B
B4 - Vegetated BMPs & technical innovations - Wednesday 11:00-12:30
Session chaired by Pascale Rouault, KompetenzZentrum Wasser Berlin, Germany - Christian Szota, University of Melbourne, Australia
PDF Romier A.-C., Dellinger F. FRANCE Alternative stormwater management in Vaulx-en-Velin city centre Urban Development Zone (ZAC), France: improving quality of life with planted public spaces B
PDF Leroy M.-C., Benard M., Moncond'huy V. FRANCE Water ladders: easy and innovating tool for stormwater management at the plot scale B
PDF Spahni B., Slijepcevic A., Froidevaux M., Ribi J.-M., Boivin P., Véronique G., Favre Boivin F. SWITZERLAND New green runoff waters treatment system (SMACC): in situ monitoring of the performance B
  Borne K., Adamu V., Gagnon V., Andres Y., Chazarenc F. FRANCE Floating Treatment Wetland Mesocosm Experiments: Impact of hydraulic regime and organic material in mats B
B5 - Planted filters & reed beds design & performance - Wednesday 14:00-15:30
Session chaired by Ulrich Dittmer, University of Stuttgart, Germany - Paul Lessard, Université Laval, Canada
PDF Dittmer U., Meyer D., Tondera K., Lambert B., Fuchs S. GERMANY Treatment Of CSO In Retention Soil Filters - Lessons Learned From 25 Years Of Research And Practice B
PDF Branchu P., Molle P., Suaire R., Bernard E., Palfy T.G., Troesch S. FRANCE Treatment efficiency evaluation of subsurface flow reed beds designed for urban wet weather discharges: ADEPTE project B
PDF Shen P., Urich C., Chandrasena G., Randelovic A., Deletic A., McCarthy D. AUSTRALIA A preliminary modelling approach for Escherichia coli removal in stormwater biofilters B
PDF Palfy T.G., Meyer D., Gourdon R., Troesch S., Molle P. FRANCE Orage: design-support model of vertical flow CSO-CWs B
B6 - BMPs: performance & vegetation - Wednesday 16:00-17:30
Session chaired by Ulrich Dittmer, University of Stuttgart, Germany - Paul Lessard, Université Laval, Canada
PDF Tedoldi D., Chebbo G., Pierlot D., Branchu P., Kovacs Y., Gromaire M.-C. FRANCE Heavy metal accumulation in the surface soil of SUDS: spatial variability of contamination and inter-site comparison B
PDF Leroy M.-C., Marcotte S., Moncond'huy V., Legras M., Portet-Koltalo F., Le Derf F. FRANCE Runoff treatment by road-side swales: soil and plants involvements B
PDF Glaister B., Fletcher T.D., Cook P., Hatt B. AUSTRALIA Intra-event nutrient removal dynamics in stormwater biofilters: the influence of system design B
PDF Hechelski M., Saulais M., Danjean M., Lassabatère L., Attard G., Bedell J.-P. FRANCE Occurrence, spatial distribution and succession of plants in contaminated sediments in urban stormwater basins B

C3 - Rainfall data - Wednesday 08:30-10:00
Session chaired by Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark - Christian Roux, Département des Hauts-de-Seine, France
PDF Stransky D., Fidranska H., Fencl M., Bares V. CZECH REPUBLIC Microwave links potential for runoff prediction: Case study Letnany C
PDF Drut N. FRANCE Impact of spatio-temporal rain data characteristics used in the Romans-sur-Isère hydrological model C
PDF Leimgruber J., Steffelbauer D., Kaschutnig M., Tscheikner-Gratl F., Muschalla D. AUSTRIA Optimized series of rainfall events for model based assessment of combined sewer systems C
PDF Baez Villanueva O.M., Giraldo Osorio J.D., González Ortiz L.A., Roehrig J. MEXICO Bias correction of the rainfall CMORPH satellite product using observed data from Bogotá, Colombia C
C4 - Integrated models - From sources to impacts - Wednesday 11:00-12:30
Session chaired by Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark - Christian Roux, Département des Hauts-de-Seine, France
PDF Laplace D., Mertz J.M., Schoorens J., Jourdan L., Gandouin C., Ohayon T., Tavernier C. FRANCE Integrated management of the Marseille’s sanitation system C
PDF Wolfs V., Willems P. BELGIUM CMD: fast and tailored conceptual river and sewer models for integrated water management C
PDF Benedetti L., Hénonin J., Gill E., Brink-Kjær A., Nielsen P.H., Nedergaard Pedersen A., Hallager P. DENMARK Using an integrated model to support long term strategies in wastewater collection and treatment C
PDF Benard L., Laborie B., Jairy A., Tabuchi J. FRANCE Modelling as an evaluation tool for the relative contribution of the anthropic discharges to the Seine quality, downstream the Paris area C
C5 - Public policy - Wednesday 13:45-15:30
Session chaired by Sara Maria Lerer, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark - David Butler, University of Exeter, United Kingdom
PDF D'Arcy B. - INVITED SPEAKER UNITED KINGDOM Twenty years of SUDS effort: aspirations, realities and where next? C
PDF Zeller O. FRANCE Edileship management and pluvial waters in the pre-industrial era: Lyon urban planning (XVI-XVIII centuries) C
PDF Finck J.S., Wagner R., Gerolin A., Berthier E., Le Nouveau N., De Bortoli J.-C., Claverie R. FRANCE Stormwater tanks on combined sewer networks: state of play in France C
PDF Le Nouveau N., Queune A., Gerolin A., Ferro Y., Kerloch B., Degrave M., Vallin V., Ferrier V. FRANCE Stormwater management in France: a national ambition, some local specificities, what role for territorial state services? C
C6 - BMPs: Finance & sustainability - Wednesday 16:00-17:30
Session chaired by Sara Maria Lerer, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark - David Butler, University of Exeter, United Kingdom
PDF Ashley R., Digman C., Horton B., Gersonius B., Smith B., Shaffer P., Baylis A. UNITED KINGDOM Using the multiple benefits of SuDS tool (BeST) to deliver long-term benefits C
PDF Matzinger A., Riechel M., Schmidt M., Corral C., Hein A., Offermann M., Strehl C., Nickel D., Sieker H., Pallasch M., Köhler M., Kaiser D., Möller C., Büter B., Lessmann D., Günther R., Säumel I., Pille L., Winkler A., Heinzmann B., Joswig K., Reichmann B., Sonnenberg H., Remy C., Schwarzmüller H., Rouault P. GERMANY Quantification of multiple benefits and cost of stormwater management C
PDF Roebeling P., Fidélis T., Grossi D., Saraiva M., Palla A., Gnecco I., Teotónio C., Martins F. PORTUGAL Balancing social and economic impacts of nature-based solutions for storm water management C

D3 - BMPs: impact monitoring & reduction - Wednesday 08:30-10:00
Session chaired by Jeroen Langeveld, Technical University of Delft, Netherlands - Tone Muthanna, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
PDF Sun S., Barraud S., Castebrunet H., Aubin J.-B., Marmonier P. FRANCE Long-term trend evolution of the temperature of the groundwater upstream and downstream a stormwater infiltration basin D
PDF Viet T., Vinçon-Leite B., Silva T., Lemaire B., Seidl M., de Oliveira Nascimento N. FRANCE Speciation of trace metals in an urban tropical lake, Lake Pampulha, Brazil D
PDF Burns M., Fletcher T.D., Walsh C., Bos D., Imberger S., Duncan H., Li C. AUSTRALIA Hydrologic and water quality responses to catchment-wide implementation of stormwater control measures D
PDF Breil P., Pons M.-N., Potier O., Namour P. FRANCE How to reduce the impact of combined sewer overflows on rivers having a natural weak flow? D
D4 - Stormwater pollutant monitoring - Wednesday 11:00-12:30
Session chaired by Jeroen Langeveld, Technical University of Delft, Netherlands - Tone Muthanna, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
PDF Wicke D., Matzinger A., Caradot N., Sonnenberg H., Schubert R.-L., Von Seggern D., Heinzmann B., Rouault P. GERMANY Extent and dynamics of classic and emerging contaminants in stormwater of urban catchment types D
PDF Granger D., Capdeville M.-J., Dumora C., Dufour V., Polard T., Gonthier A., Mazerat S., Ducos T., Dalcin W., Cruz J., Lemenach K., Pouly N., Chambolle M., Budzinski H. FRANCE Micropollutants reduction strategy at the scale of an urban area: comparison between effluents from stormwater overflows and from wastewater treatment plant D
PDF Fricke K.I., Hoppe H., Hellmig M., Muschalla D. GERMANY 10 years spectrometry based P-RTC in Wuppertal - experiences and enhancements D
PDF Sandoval S., Vezzaro L., Bertrand-Krajewski J.-L. FRANCE Gap-filling of dry weather flow rate and water quality measurements in urban catchments by a time series modelling approach D
D5 - Flood modelling & RTC - Wednesday 14:00-15:30
Session chaired by Alberto Campisano, University of Catania, Italy - Manfred Kleidorfer, University of Innsbruck, Austria
PDF Thrysøe C., Toke J., Borup M., Ravn N., Arnbjerg-Nielsen K. DENMARK Developing Fast and Reliable Flood Models D
PDF Jørgensen C., Erichsen A., Mark O., Sto. Domingo N., Heinicke G., Hammond M. DENMARK Dynamic modelling of health risks during wastewater influenced urban flooding D
PDF Nirsimloo K., Coudert S., Marduel B. FRANCE Stakes of stormwater management at Cap Excellence in Guadeloupe D
PDF Willems P. BELGIUM Prototype system for nowcasting of urban flood risks D
D6 - Real-time control (RTC) - Wednesday 16:00-17:30
Session chaired by Alberto Campisano, University of Catania, Italy - Manfred Kleidorfer, University of Innsbruck, Austria
PDF Einfalt T., Frerk I., Schäfers B., Schlauss S., Luers S., Grottker M. GERMANY Improvement of the resilience of the City of Luebeck to heavy rainfall: the RainAhead project D
PDF Robitaille L., Komorowski F., Fortier V., Chadoutaud E. CANADA Intelligent Control of Wet Weather Urban Discharges from the Louis Fargue Watershed (Bordeaux): Moving towards the Next Deployment Phase D
PDF Palenc B., Mijat H., Schoorens J., Poizat S., Bayon G., Albaret M. FRANCE Real time control of Saint-Etienne Sewer system - operational feedback after one year D
PDF Rossi L., Jordan F., Thomet M., Heller P. SWITZERLAND Real-time management and flows predictions for urban water networks D


  List of authors Country Title Theme
PDF Parin C., Bourgogne P., Robert J., Anukulyudhathon E. FRANCE A transversal approach to the urbanization process to prepare for the rise in sea level due to global warming. Case studies in Bordeaux (France) and Bangkok (Thailand) p-A4
PDF Campan L., Kadri W. FRANCE A new multi-stakeholder urban drainage General Scheme for the Metropolis of Lyon /Case study p-A4
PDF Rouillé P., Dugué M. CANADA A Case Study From design to Operating Stage for the Longueuil Public Market (Québec, Canada): The Sustainable Management of Rain Water as a Catalyst to a Sustainable Development p-A6
PDF Moncond'huy V., Benard M. FRANCE Modernization of Roland-Garros tennis facility: integrated stormwater management on an unusual site p-A6
PDF Le Corre J., Sanson C., Scarceriaux C., Parce S. FRANCE An urban runoff study for the Nice tramway project p-A6
PDF Faleyeux J., Jacob S. FRANCE Concrete permeable pavements: technical specifications p-B3
PDF Cortier O., Nguyen D.H., Boutouil M., Maquaire O. FRANCE Quantifying impacts of permeable pavement systems – Modelling and field study of porous concrete pavers p-B3
PDF Walker C., Lucke T., Boogaard F., Schwammberger P. AUSTRALIA Treating runoff in the construction and operational phases of a greenfield development using floating wetland treatment systems p-B5
PDF Neaud C., Foucart T. FRANCE Life cycle assessment of a stormwater sanitation system with vertical flow constructed wetlands (ADEPTE project) p-B5
PDF Galarza-Molina S., Gómez A., Hernández N., Matthew B., Fletcher T.D., Torres A. COLOMBIA On-line equipment installed in a stormwater harvesting system: calibration procedures, first performance results and applications p-B5
PDF Walaszek M., Caner-Chabran A., Laurent J., Bois P., Branchu P., Mucig C., Schwager J., Wanko A. FRANCE Trace metals trapping dynamics in urban stormwater constructed treatment wetlands: Cases study in Strasbourg, Moulins-les-Metz and Leuville-sur-Orge p-B5
PDF Langlois de Septenville W., Renard F., Soto D. FRANCE Climate change impacts on alternative technics for a sustainable water management in Lyon urban area p-C3
PDF Schoorens J., Baron E., Dhennin G., Pister B. FRANCE Tool to sublimate the weather data in urban hydrology p-C3
PDF Hellmers S., Leese N., Strehz A., Einfalt T., Fröhle P. GERMANY Optimisation of Rainfall Runoff Modelling for Urban Flood Management with Ensemble Radar Nowcasts p-C3
PDF Zug M., Vazquez J., Héraud A., Le Strat O. FRANCE Smart Water Sensor for sewage self-monitoring: Concepts and Clermont Communauté background p-C4
PDF Andersson Wikström A., Österlund H., Viklander M. SWEDEN Size fractionation of dissolved metals in stormwater in Umeå, Sweden p-C4
PDF Launay M., Dittmer U., Steinmetz H. GERMANY Contribution of combined sewer overflows to micropollutant loads discharged into urban receiving water p-C4
PDF Momplot A., Béguin P., Lipeme Kouyi G., Brand R. FRANCE 3D modelling with RANS for reliability of collected data: a case study for a sewer overflow chamber in Annemasse Agglomeration p-C4
PDF Sprenger J., Tondera K., Linnemann V. GERMANY Determining fine suspended solids in combined sewer systems: Consequences for laboratory analysis p-C4
PDF Gosset A., Ferro Y., Perullini M., Jobbagy M., Bilmes S., Durrieu C. FRANCE Algal biosensors for the monitoring of vulnerable water bodies p-C4
PDF Seis W., Wicke D., Caradot N., Schubert R.-L., Rouault P., Heinzmann B., Weise L., Köhler A. GERMANY Quantifying microbial contamination in urban stormwater runoff p-C4
PDF Benmamar S., Poulard C., Berreksi A., Paquier A., Sioussiou R. ALGERIA From the hydraulic system of ancestral M'Zab to Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems for the management of floods p-C5
PDF Le Nouveau N., Deroubaix J.-F., Gerolin A., Kerloch B., Ramier D. FRANCE Towards territorial policies for urban stormwater management: regulation analysis of twenty local authorities in France p-C5
PDF Li T., Zhao Y., Shi Z. CHINA Assessment of the impact of neighbourhood fences on urban waterlogging carried out with a 1D/2D coupled hydraulic model p-D5
PDF Boogaard F., Chen Y.-C., Kluck J., Yang S.-R., Van der Meulen L., Lin T.-P. TAIWAN The integration of storm water flooding and thermal stress potential in Tainan (Taiwan) and Groningen (Netherlands) p-D5

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Picto Novatech

Thursday 30 June


A7 - Planning & zoning - Thursday 08:30-10:00
Session chaired by Nilo de Oliveira Nascimento, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil - Laurence Lupin, La Métropole de Lyon, France
  List of authors Country Title Room
PDF Gerolin A., Dumont E., Degrave M., Pétillon G., Le Nouveau N. FRANCE Stormwater infiltration capacity maps: a brief international overview to question French practices A
PDF Van Roon M., Rigold T. NEW ZEALAND Urban form and WSUD in Auckland residential catchments determine stream ecosystem condition A
PDF Seidl M., Barroca B. FRANCE Urban hydromorphy index as a tool to improve urban water design A
PDF Jato-Espino D., Castillo-Lopez E., Charlesworth S., Warwick F. SPAIN Site selection for sustainable drainage in flood-sensitive highly urbanised catchments using hydrologic and geometric variables A
A8 - Planning & zoning - Thursday 11:00-12:30
Session chaired by Anne Guillon, Département des Hauts-de-Seine, France - Matthew Burns, University of Melbourne, Australia
PDF Breil P., Lagadec L.-R., González-Sosa E. FRANCE Pluvial flooding and periurban development A
PDF Argue J., Ahammed F., Hewa G., Myers B., Pezzaniti D. AUSTRALIA ICSM: a strategy to manage flooding in urban catchments experiencing regrowth A
PDF Vallin V., Dumont E., Pétillon G., Gerolin A., Degrave M., Ferrier V., Le Nouveau N., Borst W. FRANCE Stormwater infiltration capacity maps: experiences of 6 French local authorities A
PDF Pappalardo V., Campisano A., Modica C., Martinico F. ITALY Supporting urban development master plans by hydraulic invariance concept: the case study of Acquicella catchment A
A9 - Urban design & building standards - Thursday 14:00-15:30
Session chaired by Anne Guillon, Département des Hauts-de-Seine, France - Matthew Burns, University of Melbourne, Australia
PDF Lundy L., Ellis B., Revitt M. UNITED KINGDOM The regulatory framework for urban stormwater flood management in England and Wales: Challenges for the implementation of sustainable drainage systems A
PDF Morgan L., Hicks R. CANADA Developing a Regional Minimum Standard for Rainwater Management on Single-family Lots A
PDF Sibeud E., Koch A. FRANCE Mapping and regulation for Runoff risk and protection of aquatic environments A
PDF Passot A.-C., Mollier V., Floriat M. FRANCE Adaptation of stormwater management for the Balcons de Dermenaz residential development A

B7 - BMPs: Hydrologic models - Thursday 08:30-10:00
Session chaired by Céline Bonhomme, Ecole des Ponts Paristech, France - Wolfgang Rauch, University of Innsbruck, Austria
PDF Uhl M., Henrichs M., Langner J., Wietbüscher M. GERMANY Accounting for the urban water balance as a chance for urban planning B
PDF Furumai H. JAPAN Evaluation of rainwater harvesting and use potential considering climate change in Arakawa watershed B
PDF Herrera J., Gironás J., Bonilla C., Vera S., Reyes R. CHILE A hydrological model to study the performance and irrigation of stormwater facilities B
PDF Winston R., Smolek A., Dorsey J., Hunt W. USA Modeling Bioretention Hydrologic Performance using DRAINMOD under Current and Future Climate Scenarios B
B8 - Blue/green corridors & S.D - Thursday 11:00-12:30
Session chaired by Catherine Savey, Suez - Eau France, France - François Clemens, Technical University of Delft, Netherlands
PDF Werey C., Cherqui F., Granger D., Fure A., Darribere C. FRANCE Valuation of social costs connected to urban water management B
PDF Bacchin T., Ashley R., Blecken G.-T., Viklander M., Gersonius B. UNITED KINGDOM Green-blue Infrastructure For Sustainable Cities: Innovative Socio-technical Solutions Bringing Multifunctional value B
PDF Roebeling P., Palla A., Gnecco I., Miguel S., Fidélis T., Teotònio C., Enrico G., Boeri C., Gallea A. PORTUGAL Evaluating hydrological and socio-economic impacts of green/blue space projects for storm water management B
PDF Brun A., Caltran H., Garcias P., Albertin J. FRANCE Recreating the Rize, a lost river in Lyon: diagnosis and first guidelines B
B9 - Urban planning & S.D. - Thursday 14:00-15:30
Session chaired by Catherine Savey, Suez - Eau France, France - François Clemens, Technical University of Delft, Netherlands
PDF Little J., Hester E., Godrej A. USA Sustainable management of urban watersheds: a system-of-systems approach B
PDF Larue D. FRANCE A sustainable tropical city B
PDF Arnadottir H., Hreggvidsdottir H. ICELAND Urridaholt neighbourhood Iceland - Sustainable drainage solutions interwoven in the urban pattern - a cooperative approach B
PDF Maniquiz-Redillas M., Choi J., Jeon J., Hong J., Flores P.E., Noh T., Lee S., Choi H., Alihan J.C., Kim L.-H. SOUTH KOREA Low impact stormwater management in urban landuses using small-decentralized system approach: Features of the first ‘green’ campus in Korea B

C7 - BMPs: Management & monitoring - Thursday 08:30-10:00
Session chaired by Andrés Torres, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia - Frédéric Cherqui, INSA Lyon, France
PDF Al-Rubaei A., Merriman L., Hunt W., Viklander M., Blecken G.-T. SWEDEN A survey of 30 Swedish stormwater ponds - evaluation of pond design, maintenance needs and implications for practice C
PDF Thomas A., Bos D., Morison P., Fletcher T.D. AUSTRALIA Operation and Maintenance of Stormwater Control Measures C
PDF Ramier D., Caupos E., Branchu P., Dubois P., Flanagan K., Neveu P., Paupardin J., Ratovelomanana T., Saad M., Thomas E., Gromaire M.-C., Seidl M. FRANCE Evaluating the efficiency of SUDS for pollutant management: a metrological challenge. The case of four innovative devices investigated by the ROULÉPUR project C
PDF Deplanne P.-H., Matteau C., Legendre L. FRANCE Experimentation with alternative stormwater management techniques on the Greater Lyon Eastern Urban Boulevard C
C8 - Pollutant source characterisation - Thursday 11:00-12:30
Session chaired by Marie-Christine Gromaire, Ecole des Ponts Paristech, France - David McCarthy, Monash University, Australia
PDF Niyommaneerat W., Nakajima F., Tobino T., Yamamoto K. JAPAN Toxicity of urban road dust on reproduction of a benthic ostracod, Heterocypris incongruens C
PDF Zhang J., Wu J., Hua P., Krebs P. GERMANY Land-use dependent source apportionment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in urban watershed C
PDF Huber M., Hilbig H., Drewes J.E., Helmreich B. GERMANY Heavy Metal Removal and Remobilization under
De-icing Salt Applications using Lab-scale Column Experiments
PDF Kim L.-H., Alihan Jawara C., Maniquiz-Redillas M., Flores P.E. SOUTH KOREA Characteristics and fate of parking lot runoff pollutants in low impact stormwater facilities C
C9 - Pollution source modelling - Thursday 14:00-15:30
Session chaired by Marie-Christine Gromaire, Ecole des Ponts Paristech, France - David McCarthy, Monash University, Australia
PDF Petrucci G., De Bondt K., Claeys P. BELGIUM The role of natural ponds in controlling the urban runoff regime C
PDF Sanzana P., Gironás J., Braud I., Branger F., Rodriguez F., Vargas X., Hitschfeld N., Muñoz J.F., Vicuña S. CHILE Urban and peri-urban drainage network representation using Geo-PUMMA in the Mercier (France) and El Guindo (Chile) catchments C
PDF Wirion C., Salvadore E., Bauwens W., Verbeiren B. BELGIUM Simulating urban interception based on detailed in-situ monitoring and remote sensing data C
PDF Delamain M., Rodriguez F., Bocher E., Puizillout-Lieppe C., Petit G., Fortin N., Rouaud J.-M. FRANCE Assessment of pollutant sources that could impact stormwater management facilities – Exhaustive diagnosis of the Nantes metropole territory C

D7 - Network optimisation - Thursday 08:30-10:00
Session chaired by Manfred Schuetze, ifak e. V. Magdeburg, Germany - Laurent Baumann, Veolia Eau, France
PDF Fuchs S., Toshovski S. GERMANY Modelling of micro pollutant emissions to water and evaluation of reduction measures D
PDF Hofer T., Maier R., Rieger L., Schraa O., Gruber G., Muschalla D. AUSTRIA Integrated assessment of a new central storage tunnel on treatment plant’s performance in Graz (Austria) D
PDF Klepiszewski K., Schutz G., Regneri M. GERMANY Evaluation of Characteristics of a Sewer System by Generation of Discrete Discharges from CSO Structures D
PDF Roux C., Ravet S., Bertani Gissy M., Belin M.-M. FRANCE A global approach for reducing combined sewer overflows of the Hauts-de-Seine County’s combined sewer network D
D8 - BMPs: climate change impacts - Thursday 11:00-12:30
Session chaired by Jiri Marsalek, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden - Luca Rossi,, Switzerland
PDF Clauson-Kaas J., Mose Poulsen B., Skov J., Dam Joensen S. DENMARK Copenhagen: Rainwater quality and handling of urban run-off D
PDF Todorovic Z., Breton N. UNITED KINGDOM SuDS as Solutions for Flood Risk Reduction and Climate Change Resilience: London Case Study D
PDF Lerer S.M., Andersen J.S., Madsen H.M., Rasmussen H., Sørup H.J.D., Arnbjerg-Nielsen K., Mikkelsen P. DENMARK Applying the "WSUD potential" -tool in the framework of the Copenhagen Climate Adaptation and Cloudburst Management Plans D
PDF Kunapo J., Burns M., Fletcher T.D., Ladson A., Cunningham L. AUSTRALIA A Web-GIS Based Integrated Climate Adaptation Model D
D9 - BMPs: global performance - Thursday 14:00-15:30
Session chaired by Jiri Marsalek, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden - Luca Rossi,, Switzerland
PDF Herin J.-J., Dennin L. FRANCE A proactive and sustainable policy on storm water: the results of 25 years of good environmental practice - the concrete case of the Douai area - France D
PDF Maytraud T., Nicolas E., Bertrand F., Guilbaud M. FRANCE Raw water conservation and enhancement in Paris D
PDF Melville-Shreeve P., Cadwalader O., Eisenstein W., Ward S., Butler D. UNITED KINGDOM Rainwater harvesting for drought management and stormwater control in the San Francisco Bay Area D
PDF Langeveld J., Schilperoort R., Liefting E., Hof A., Baars I., Nijhof H., Kuiper M., Boogaard F. NETHERLANDS Stormwater management strategies: source control versus end of pipe D


  List of authors Country Title Theme
PDF Boisson J., Savignac J., Cuny F., Fagot C., Isenmann G., Fisher M., Dufresne M., Vazquez J., Humbel X. FRANCE Decision support tool for stormwater management in an urban environment p-A7
PDF Sañudo-Fontaneda L., Jato-Espino D., Lashford C., Coupe S. UNITED KINGDOM Investigation of the design considerations for Highway Filter Drains through the comparison of stormwater management tools with laboratory simulation experiments p-B7
PDF Rujner H., Leonhardt G., Perttu A.-M., Marsalek J., Viklander M. SWEDEN Advancing green infrastructure design: Field evaluation of grassed urban drainage swales p-B7
PDF Flanagan K., Ramier D., Branchu P., Gromaire M.-C. FRANCE Evaluation of the relative roles of a vegetative filter strip and a biofiltration swale in a treatment train for road runoff p-B7
PDF Becue S., Tourbillon G., Hesse N., Derobert C., Pertus A.-P., Juncosa S. FRANCE A sustainable neighborhood in Miramas city: La ZAC de la Péronne p-B8
PDF Evangelista J., Baptista M., Moura P., Barraud S. BRAZIL Case study of impacts of DRENURBS Project on Bonsucesso Creek p-B8
PDF Fardel A., Peyneau P.-E., Lakel A., Béchet B., Joannis C., Rodriguez F. FRANCE Characterization of hydrodynamic and pollutant removal processes inside swales – a pilot study p-C7
PDF Gromaire M.-C., Branchu P., Budzinski H., Neveu P., Paupardin J., Thomas E., Georgel P., Viau J.-Y. FRANCE ROULÉPUR: Evaluating innovative solutions for the source control of micropollutants associated with road and parking lot runoff p-C7
PDF Lafforgue M., Vieillard C. FRANCE Heron Lake: Functioning of a cascading system of urban lakes supplied by stormwater p-C7
PDF Creaco E., Berardi L., Sun S., Giustolisi O., Savic D. ITALY Multi-objective evolutionary polynomial regression paradigm for the selection of relevant input variables in stormwater quality modelling p-C9
PDF de Hauteclocque A., Zeller A., Albertin J., Denis A., Didier J.-M., Ronan P. FRANCE Using synoptic charts for management improvement of sanitation systems and their impact on the natural environment, Feyssine catchment area case study p-D7
PDF Schuetze M., Pabst M., Haas U. GERMANY Urban Drainage Systems – Static throttle flows or real time control? A systematic approach to answer this p-D7
PDF Richter B., Tränckner J. GERMANY Determination of morphological input data for hydraulic 1-D models by using purposeful geodetic surveying p-D7
PDF Phillips D., Simon M. AUSTRALIA The Comb Separator: Design improvements following real-world experience Inlets and connections
PDF O'Loughlin G., Crook R., Kandasamy J. AUSTRALIA Energy losses at overflowing pits Inlets and connections
PDF Arao S., Oda S., Oda K. JAPAN New rainwater discharge chamber which can control intercepting flow rate Inlets and connections
PDF Lepot M., Hernandez B., Cedillo S., Goes B., Schellart A., Verlinden J., Clemens F. NETHERLANDS Use of numbered and coloured 3d printed pills as a new, low-cost, robust and easy method to inspect mis-, cross- and illicit connections in separate sewers Inlets and connections
PDF Panasiuk O., Hedström A., Ashley R., Viklander M. SWEDEN Monte Carlo simulation for localisation and volume estimation of wastewater contamination in stormwater sewers Inlets and connections
PDF Yajima K., Ideta I., Furuyashiki N., Kariya K. JAPAN Infiltration and Inflow Amount in Wet Weather in Separate Sewerage Systems: A Case Study Inlets and connections

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The heart of Novatech: more than 200 papers

3 sessions in parallel4 concurrent sessions, from Tuesday afternoon to Thursday
Novatech 2016 is organised around 4 complementary themes which cover a diversity of perspectives; from the planning of a new neighborhood to flood risk management at the watershed scale; from presentation of the latest research to the application of innovative solutions in practice; from the perception of stormwater by the community to the challenges of new governance models.

A broad vision of what is done throughout the world
The team of reviewers selected 210 papers from 27 countries: 35% are French, 35% are European and 30% from the rest of the world: America, Australia, Asia, and even Africa.

A balance between scientific and technical papers
40 % of papers are based on case studies and 60% have a scientific approach.

Brian D'Arcy is invited to present 20 years of driving regulation of SUDS in the UK; Wednesday 29 June, 13:30, room C.
Brian D'Arcy has 35 years experience working in regulation in four different regulatory agencies across the UK. He is independent environmental consultant, advising the Environment Agency, Defra and others on diffuse pollution and urban drainage.

Vote for the best poster of the day!
Posters represent one third of the papers selected by the Scientific Committee. They contribute widely to enhancing the information proposed in the Novatech sessions. Each day, 20 to 30 posters linked with the daily conference themes will be displayed in the central area of the conference.
Delegates will be able to meet and exchange with authors of the posters, especially during the daily one-hour poster session, on Tuesday afternoon, and then on Wednesday and Thursday mornings.
Delegates will be invited to vote for the best poster of the day; the authors of the three best posters will be rewarded with an emblematic gift from Lyon on Thursday, at 15:30.

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