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NOVATECH 2019 contribution themes

Novatech 2019 is organised around 4 complementary themes, which cover a diversity of perspectives; from the planning of a new neighbourhood to flood risk management at the watershed scale; from presentation of the latest research to the application of innovative solutions in practice; from the perception of stormwater by the community to the challenges of new governance models. The four themes are:

Stormwater and urban planning:
From the plot to neighbourhood scale, what designs, strategies and practices for an integrated management of urban stormwater?

> Contributions proposed by urban planning and urban drainage professionals and scientists

Innovative solutions for stormwater management
Technical solutions for stormwater management:
What technologies and tools to build and manage sustainable cities?

> Contributions proposed particularly by scientists and technical specialists

Stormwater and aquatic environments
Stormwater, pollution and water quality:
Urban wet weather flows: what global strategies to limit the risks?

> Contributions proposed by both scientists and managers of aquatic environments, along with planners and drainage managers working at the catchment-scale

Stormwater, stakeholders, organisations and society
Skills, services, responsibilities, uses – do we need different organisations and regulations?

>Contributions proposed by particularly by social scientists and professionals of public policies and planning