Novatech 2016 planning technologies urban water stormwater management FRGBIndex

From the planning of a new neighbourhood to flood risk management at the watershed scale; from the presentation of the latest research to the application of innovative solutions in practice; from the perception of stormwater by the community to the challenges of new governance models, the Novatech 2016 conference covers a diversity of perspectives around sustainable urban water management.

Subjects covered in THE thematic sessions

The subjects covered in the thematic and poster sessions are organised around 4 complementary themes.

Eaux pluviales et aménagement urbain Statutory & strategic planning
Stormwater, from the plot to city-scale: perceptions, project management, the role of stakeholders, zoning and planning rules, public policies and the role of rain water in sustainable urban planning.
13 sessions and
65 oral & poster presentations

Eaux pluviales et solutions innovantes Stormwater management BMPs
Design, monitoring and performances of water flow and pollution devices, focus on vegetated roofs, planted filters and reed beds, role of the vegetation, impact modelling and limitation.
10 sessions and
64 oral & poster presentations

Pollution Stormwater pollution
Sediment pollution characterisation and sediment management, identification and source identification and modelling, metrology and monitoring of urban wet weather effluent.
5 sessions and
32 oral & poster presentations

Stormwater/sewer networks & catchments
Optimisation of the network functioning and management, and BMPs contribution: self-monitoring, modelling, rainfall data use, real-time control.
8 sessions and
55 oral & poster presentations