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Co-organised by the GRAIE (group of research, technical coordination and water information), the INSA Lyon and the Métropole de Lyon, Novatech is supported by several partners.

Lyon quais du RhôneNovatech in Lyon: the expertise of a pilot city

The organisation of Novatech in Lyon draws on the sustainable stormwater management approach initiated by the city of Lyon, providing attendees the opportunity to experience:

An internationally recognized regional network of expertise and research:
H2O'Lyon - Graduate School of Integrated Watershed Sciences (SiWaS)
OTHU - Field Observatory for Urban Water Management
IMU - Intelligences des Mondes Urbains ("Smartness on Urban Worlds")
GRAIE - Novatech organiser since 1992.

Lyon Metropole - A pilot city:
A model for sustainable stormwater management, developed over 30 years.
Many experimentations for a permeable city, to tackle urban heat islands, but also a "Water and Health" platform, where the place of stormwater is valued.
First French city to endorse the "IWA Principles for Water-Wise Cities" during the Brisbane launch in 2016.

           INSA de Lyongraie

Technical and financial partners

eaurmc      OTHU      IMU      Ville de Villeurbanne      UrbaLyon      Axelera

Cerema       Agence française pour la biodiversité       Eurydice       ASTEE       Région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes *      H2OLyon     


*To be confirmed for 2019

Supported by

       Veolia Eau       

French and international associations, universities

IWA       IAHR         UNESCO - IHP             
IWA/IAHR Joint Committee on Urban Drainage

       OIEAU        SFU         ffp Adivet       

UR-ARA       ville aménagement durable       club ville aménagement      

Press partners

TSM       environnement magasine       hydroplus

Organisation committee 2019

General Secretary : Elodie BRELOT, Graie Director

- The University of Melbourne, Tim FLETCHER

- Agence de l'eau Rhône Méditerranée Corse, Fabien ABAD
- Agence d'urbanisme de l'aire métropolitaine lyonnaise, Damien SAULNIER
- Atelier LD, Didier LARUE
- Axelera, Aline RICHIR
- EUR H2O' Lyon, Sylvie BARRAUD
- Graie, administrateurs, Laurent BAUMANN, Olivier SAINTPIERRE
- INSA Lyon, Caroline VACHAL, Florian GSCHWIND
- La Métropole de Lyon, Laurence CAMPAN
- Ville de Villeurbanne, Anne REVEYRAND