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Within the context of an uncertain future due to increasing urban development, along with a changing climate, stormwater management is a major concern, requiring innovative answers, fuelled by the latest research and proof of concept in the field. To create and implement strategies at the catchment scale, to better characterise runoff and wet weather flow, to design and manage alternative solutions to traditional sewer systems and to better plan and integrate them within the urban landscape, to promote stormwater management as a key component of the sustainable city; these are the many challenges which Novatech aims to address.

Laureates of the Novatech 2016 Trophies


Co-organised by the GRAIE and the INSA Lyon, the 9th edition of the Novatech conference was held from June 28th to July 1st, 2016 at the INSA, on the LyonTech La Doua EcoCampus, France. It gathered together 500 participants of 32 different nationalities!

The Graie and its partners would like to thank you all one more time, speakers, chairmen and participants.

See you at the next Novatech conference in 2019!

Jean-Luc Bertrand-Krajewski, Tim Fletcher, Elodie Brelot and all the Graie Team